iImpact Project is the creative and philanthropic arm of iImpact Consulting. It provides a platform for practitioners to inititate their impact projects and raise funds through the iImpact website and other crowdsourcing sites. Some projects serve as entry points to start partnership with new communities, while others test innovative ideas before scaling them up. We also welcome ideas from communities to work together on potential projects. Please leave a comment and share your ideas with us here.

In 2014, Beth deBeer successfully raised funds to provide nutritional meals and education materials for 22 final-year students attending the Aboom A.M.E. Zion PRY/JHS in Cape Coast, Ghana. The supplemental food helped students stay focused and energized while preparing for exams during long after-schools hours. While this small project strengthened our connection with the local community, it also opened the door for further collaboration with school on related issues.